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There is no “foolproof” method to betting; everybody has their own style and level of effort that they put into it in order to be successful. While many people feel like they are just lucky, others have methods that they employ in order to be more successful at sports betting, such as Super Bowl prop bets. So, what are some of the key methods to improving the success level of your sports betting?

Keep Control of Your Finances

In order to be successful at sports betting, you need to be making a profit overall; without keeping in mind your limits, you can go over quite easily and lose out big. When you start betting with real money on things like Super Bowl prop bets, set a bankroll limit based on what you can afford in your budget. Once you have a limit, then you can decide what to spend on each individual bet. Starting out, this may be around 1-5% of your bankroll per bet. As you become more successful, you can increase the amount you spend, and you should regularly look over your finances and betting history and adjust as needed.

Maintain Reasonable Expectations

In betting, you need to make sure that you have reasonable expectations, like not expecting to win every time, and to make more reasonable bets, especially when starting out. Every bettor has a different type of bet they like to make and are good at making, especially with Super Bowl prop bets. Some bettors excel at being able to sniff out the longshot odds to win big, but if you are just starting out, it’ll likely be better for you to be more reasonable in your expectations and bet on more solid ground. If you are betting more reasonably, you’ll end up with smaller but more frequent earnings, whereas, when betting on longshots, you will lose more often, but make big winnings if you do win. Start small and work your way up as you become more successful.

Think About Your Bets

Some will fall into the hole of betting for players they like, or teams that they support. However, when it comes to successful betting, you need to be more cool-headed about your bets; look at the statistics and the history of the player or teams and bet on the more likely result, not the result you are hoping for. Loyalty and bias account for a lot of lost bets; do not fall into this trap with your Super Bowl prop bets.

Avoid “Sunk Cost Fallacy”

Sunk cost fallacy at its heart is when it becomes harder to extricate yourself from a habit or investment because you already have spent a lot of money or time working on it. If your betting is on a losing streak, don’t just keep throwing money at it and hoping it’ll turn around. Cut your losses; don’t just keep upping your bankroll on your Super Bowl prop bets.


Some people will attempt to bet on multiple sports at a time, but if you want to be doing proper research into your Super Bowl prop bets, it’s going to be difficult to keep up with all the statistics of multiple sports in order to be successful. While some sports only overlap slightly, it’s best to focus your better on a single sport—ideally on the one you know the most about and for which you have the most reliable research.

Do Your Research

One of the best keys to successful betting when it comes to any type of bet, such as Super Bowl prop bets, is to do all the research before you place your bets. Research can be time consuming, but if it increases your odds of success and brings in the cash, then in the end it is worth it. The internet is a wellspring of knowledge when it comes to sports.

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