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I Have a Proposition for You…

Proposition betting, or prop betting, is making big waves these days in the field of sports entertainment. While most people are familiar with some common betting stakes – namely victories or point spreads – sports can also be a wellspring of potential for betting on a bunch of other elements. Player props includes things as diverse as how many touchdowns a player scores in a set number of games, what the Super Bowl halftime performer is wearing, or how long their set will go on for.

Player props has become a sensational draw in the age of apps-based betting. With such a wide range of choices at vastly different odds and payouts, keen sports fans are now becoming dedicated props bettors, parlaying their knowledge of statistics and their passionate dedication to their teams into a chance to stack up their skills against bettors far and wide.

Naturally, it can be really hectic, and anyone wanting to be successful in the world of player props needs to learn a few player props betting strategies. Adopting a keen strategic approach to player props and not betting impulsively or willy-nilly will greatly increase your chances for a payout. So for novices looking for a place to start, here are some basic player props strategies that will make your plays more successful and more fun.

Basic Player Props Betting Strategies for Beginners

#1:  Shop Around

The odds on the outcome of a given player prop – say, the point margin of a team’s victory – are very rarely static, or with a consensus across the market of bookmakers. On the contrary, a bettor’s payout can be wildly different depending on who’s making the proposal. Searching the most popular sites and apps that cater to player props will give you a much better idea of what your odds of payout are and by how much. One site may pay out a given prop bet by +145 where another may only give it +110. Knowing the range of player props payouts will also give you a better idea of whether it’s a good bet or not.

#2:  Try to Stick with What You Know

Player props betting can be a real thrill since some of the propositions are a pure gamble, like whether the coin toss will come up heads or tails. But you can tilt the odds in your favor for things like stats-based prop bets (eg. How many runs or touchdowns someone will make in a season, which you can base on the player’s performance for the last two or three seasons), and those who have a knack for crunching stats numbers have a huge advantage here.

Since player props can be so diverse, there’s a fairly good chance that there are some that land in the wheelhouse (pun intended) of your specialty. Remember that, if you are particularly knowledgeable, you can beat the house, assuring yourself a better payout, especially if the stakes are high.

#3:  Split Your Wagers Between Different Outcomes on the Same Player Props

This might seem counterintuitive since it seems like you’re “betting against yourself,” but the beauty of player props in contrast to moneylines (the odds of one team winning the game are always 100%) is that the number of outcomes of a given proposition can increase your payout.

In a situation where there are multiple outcomes, there are still ones that are more likely than the others, but the odds are still stacked against them, meaning there will always be a guaranteed profit. An example would be the margin of points for a victory. In a case where you bet on Team A winning by up to six points and Team B doing the same, should either happen, you will always make a profit, even with the loss of your bet against the other outcome. It’s usually the case that the money you lay on Team B will be more than covered if you win the bet on Team A.

Where to Start with Player Props?

These are just a few starter pointers. The world of player props betting is much broader, but much more fascinating, too, and getting in is made even easier with the No House Advantage app. No House Advantage tallies the odds on all the hottest player props for all the major leagues, and you can join a pool of thousands of eager and dedicated players with daily cash payouts.