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Sports betting has changed a lot over the years and has become a fun and easy way to add excitement to any game, especially with prop betting. Prop betting smartphone apps and online betting sites have made making prop bets extremely simple to do. Anyone can easily add a little spice to any game by making some prop bets.

What is Prop Betting?

Prop betting, or proposition betting, is when you place a wager on either a player or an event. These bets are specific, and you can have multiple prop bets going at the same time on the same game.

Some examples of common prop betting include total touchdowns in a football game; how many 3-point shots will a specific play make; will there be overtime; etc. Prop bets can also be on things that are less tied to performance. These types of prop bets are classified as exotic or fun bets. Examples of exotic prop betting include who will win the coin toss and how long the National Anthem will last.

How to Read the Odds

Online prop betting will always show you the odds on any given wager. The odds work just like the odds in other types of sports betting. There are online odds calculators available to help you calculate how much you could win on any particular bet based on how much you wager.

How to Make a Prop Bet

Prop betting is fairly simple to do, especially if you have a prop betting smartphone app. There are 4 simple steps involved:

1)  Choose a contest

Most prop betting starts with choosing a contest. Prop betting apps will list the available contests you can join. Some apps also allow you the option of making a private contest so you can place bets with friends.

2)  Select your player props

Once you have chosen a contest, choose your player props. The prop betting app will list the available statistics that you can bet on. This is where your skill with stats comes in.

3)  Check the leaderboard

Many prop betting apps track your wins using a point system. Keep an eye on the leaderboard so you can feel the excitement as you rise in the ranks.

4)  Win Cash!

Once the contest is over and you are at the top of the leaderboard, you can claim your cash! It is that easy!

Prop betting is a fun and simple way to become familiar with sports betting. You can start small and place fun bets based on guessing. As you become more invested in the sport, teams and players, you can start to make more educated wagers. If you are looking for a way to add a new layer of entertainment to games night, betting against friends in private contests is a lot of fun.

Whether it is purely for fun or if you are a serious sports stats expert, prop betting is a great way to wager on any game. No House Advantage’s app is the easiest and most fun way to get into prop betting. It is super easy to use and the payouts are great.