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What’s Your (Daily) Fantasy?

Daily fantasy sports has been a years-long workplace favorite, with everyone hedging their bets on their favorite players at the beginning of the season in an office pool with sweet payouts for the winners. Now, daily fantasy sports has been taken out of the break room and into the world wide web, making your “office pool” that much wider.

Daily fantasy sports has become a phenomenon in the digital age. Betting on talent has never been so easy and so fun, but the world of daily fantasy is so much more. Thanks to smart technology, playing daily fantasy has become streamlined to allow for updates in realtime and laying bets instantly.

Play Daily Fantasy Anytime and Anywhere with an App

And one of the greatest new evolutions of daily fantasy is the endless possibility for laying proposition (prop) bets on anything, from the length of a national anthem to what the halftime performer will be wearing. Odds and payouts are instantly tallied, and with the release of their groundbreaking prop betting app, No House Advantage stands as the premier source for a wide world of daily fantasy prop bets.

And now, the excitement just grows. Prop betting has gone from a one-off bet at the sportbook to a full-on Daily Fantasy Sports attraction, and No House Advantage has teamed up with the #1 Daily Fantasy Sports player in the world, to make it happen.

No House Advantage

With a handy app available for both Apple and Android, No House Advantage offers daily fantasy prop betting right at your fingertips. Choose from dozens of prop bets for football, baseball, basketball, or just about any sport you can name. Your bet is instantly pooled with prop bets from excited fans from all across America, and the entire world!

Cash prizes are paid out to sports props fans every day, and with prop bets being offered across the NBA, NFL, MLB, CFB, CBB, PGA, & NASCAR, there is no limit to the potential to win big on the next big prop bet!

Now, No House Advantage has teamed up with to become an unstoppable force in daily fantasy prop betting. Awesemo is the world’s #1 site for daily fantasy sports, offering an array of aggregated player prop projections on all the latest games in all the greatest leagues. Awesemo has been on the ground floor of daily fantasy sports from day one, and it has grown to become the leading spot for prop betting and projections.

And now, the daily fantasy sports experience just keeps getting better and better. Awesemo will now be providing player prop projections for No House Advantage’s daily fantasy sports contests. Now, users for both No House Advantage and Awesemo can compare prop lines from No House Advantage side-by-side with Awesemo’s player prop projections.

And the innovations don’t stop there. Now, for the first time ever, Awesemo has introduced the Player Prop Contest Optimizer. Now, instead of betting on lineups individually, users can save time by mass creating hundreds of lineups instantly, all from one place!

To Learn More…

Are you a long-time sports fan ready to dip your toe into the vast pool of online daily fantasy? With the new partnership between No House Advantage and, players can explore hundreds of prop betting opportunities instantly. No matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran, prop betting is easy, fun, and it pays off! Are you ready to open your account today?

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