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After a year of uncertainty, football season is finally underway, and despite all the setbacks that the last year has thrown at us, leagues have found a way to open up the fall NFL season in a safe way to let the season proceed as usual. Now that things are finally on their way to returning to normal, players are hitting the field, fans are hitting the stands, and the game is underway. And at long last, with the beginning of the NFL player season comes the beginning of the NFL player props season. Proposition (props) betting has quickly become as hot an attraction as the game itself, with eager fans ready to find out and lay down on whatever the hottest NFL player props bets are this season.

And since we’re a few weeks into the season, fans are starting to get a taste for what the best NFL player props are. Now that we’re into week three, here are the five big props bets to help kick off the betting season.

#1:  Over/Under 77.5 Rushing Yards for Indianapolis Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor (vs. New York Jets).

Jonathan Taylor is a closely watched new draft for 2020, straight from the University of Wisconsin. After Marlon Mack’s Achilles’ injury early in the season, Taylor was put into play earlier than expected, during which time he has made his hard work and talents strikingly clear. The Colts’ second-week win against Minnesota cemented the 21 year-old’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with early. After breaking the 100-yard plateau, Taylor is expected to put on an encore performance against the New York Jets in week three. The possibility of Taylor approaching 77.5 rushing yards – and perhaps pulling into the three-digits soon into the season – makes this one of the most anticipated NFL player props of the season.

#2:  Bills to Win with Josh Allen Passing for 250+ Yards.

The first two weeks of the 2020 season have been favorable to the Buffalo Bills, giving them handy wins against both the Jets and the Giants at the Meadowlands. However, with running back Devin Singletary out early, the victory is now resting on the shoulders – and the passing arm – of Josh Allen. Allen has thrown for 254 and 253 yards respectively in his first two games of the season, and a trending NFL player props bet rides on a repeat performance against the Cincinatti Bengals in week three.

#3:  Mitchell Trubisky Over/Under 1.5 Passing TDs vs. Atlanta.

The first two weeks of the season have seen the Atlanta Falcons losing twice in games with astronomical point totals. Atlanta’s lapse in defense performance this season lends to the likelihood of Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky taking advantage and punching through the Falcons’ defense for a possible pair of passing touchdowns in the third week. Another sought-after NFL player props bet for another young recruit with soaring skills promise.

#4:  75+ Receiving Yards for Terry McLaurin.

The first two weeks of the season have been downers for the Washington team formerly known as the Redskins. However, in spite of the setback, wide receiver “Scary” Terry McLaurin’s outstanding performance in the first two games has resulted in bettors turning toward him for potential NFL player props wins. Having racked up 187 yards so far, hopes are riding on him exceeding 75 receiving yards for week three.

#5:  125+ Receiving Yards for Amari Cooper.

After a disastrous start to the season, the Miami Dolphins are set to save face in week three against the Dallas Cowboys, which means a breakout chance for Dallas wide receiver Amari Cooper, who will no doubt be a formidable opponent for the Dolphins’ struggling offense. NFL player props have him favored for over 125 receiving yards for the third week of the season.

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