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If you are looking to spice up your experience when watching NFL, or most any sports, you may have thought about putting down some wagers and making bets on the outcome of the game. There are a lot of things you can bet on with almost any sport, most traditional betting is done on aspects such as totals, points spreads, or straight-up wagers, which are all things that affect the overall outcome of the game. But what if you wanted to bet on things that may or may not occur in the game? Prop bets are fun bets that could make you a bit of cash on the side while enjoying your favorite sport. NFL player prop bets may be the type of fun you are looking for!

What are NFL Player Prop Bets?

As mentioned, standard betting for NFL games would include bets that affect the outcome of the game directly: point spreads, totals, and wagers; however, NFL player prop bets go beyond that and can include almost any type of side bet for events that occur during an NFL game. The prop in prop bets stands for proposition, which means it can be for something that can occur or not occur during a gaming event. Another aspect of prop bets versus standard betting is that generally there is always going to be a winner or a loser; you won’t often see a push on a prop bet.

The Variety of NFL Player Prop Bets to be Made

NFL Player Prop bets can be wide ranging when it comes to what you can bet on. When it comes to the NFL, some samples of prop bets include things such as: how many catches a wide receiver will have by the end of the game, who will score the first touchdown in a game, which quarterback will get sacked first, how many running yards for a specific player, first player to catch an interception, etc. You can do prop bets on basically any game of the season, and even do them live throughout the game. Live prop bets would include outcomes for the next drive, or current quarter, or next quarter.

How to Read the Odds

All NFL player prop bets will include some form of odds, based on the likelihood of the event to occur. An example would be:

NFL First Touchdown Scorer: Eagles vs Packers

Davante Adams +300

Aaron Jones +450

Zach Ertz +700

Miles Sanders +1000

In the above odds, if you believe that Zach Ertz will be the first touchdown scorer in the game, and you bet $100 on the outcome. The winning outcome would result in you getting back your original $100, plus an additional $700 for winning. Basically, the value after the + is a percentage of the original bet you can win if you are correct; the less likely an outcome statistically, the higher the payout will be.

Making NFL Player Prop Bets

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