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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football season is a few months away, and with football season comes betting season. Betting has come so much farther than wins, point spreads, averages, and odds. Proposition betting (also called prop betting) has added a heap of new dimensions of challenge and new possibilities of payout—it’s like nothing ever seen before. NFL player props has become the hottest trend in football betting in decades.

And now, cashing in on the NFL player props trend is literally in your hands. Thanks to virtually everyone owning a computer, smartphone, or tablet, a whole slew of options for placing NFL player props bets have become easier to access than before. This means more players placing more bets on more options for more NFL player props, and the excitement is dizzying.

Part of that excitement is in the thrill of the rapidly changing pace of NFL player props. With prop betting being done instantly around the world, odds and payouts can change quickly, and wanting a better payout on NFL player props means needing an edge. So what are the picks that can give you an edge with NFL player props? Before we can get to the heart of it, we should find out what is behind NFL player props.

NFL Player Props – What Is It, Exactly?

NFL player props is a shorthand phrase that means proposition bets on games in the National Football League. Prop betting basically refers to wagers that are placed on player-related events that don’t necessarily have connections to the outcome of the game. Popular traditional bets centered around either the win/loss outcome of the game, the point spread, or who wins the Super Bowl. Often, the odds of these bets can be narrowed down by factoring in a few easy stats.

NFL player props bets are an entirely different animal. These are bets that can be placed on literally anything else to do with an athlete’s performance, such as the number of injuries or penalties in the game and the players they affect. Odds on NFL player props can be difficult to determine, but thanks to apps that facilitate prop betting, a number of NFL player props are out there with a wide range of odds and payouts.

Getting the Edge in NFL Player Props

This also means that getting payouts on NFL player props bets can be extremely competitive. But there are a few ways you can get an edge to make NFL player props bets pay out in your favor a lot more.

Attention to Detail: Having a working knowledge of a player beyond stats will help you make more informed NFL player props bets. A player with a more exuberant personality can be prone to more impulsive decisions, leading to unexpected touchdowns or a higher likelihood for injuries. But a player with less personality will pay out better since the odds in favor are lower.

Know the Betting Types: In spite of all the choices, NFL player props often come in a few familiar flavors. For instance, over/under bets are prop bets that are dependent on factors like passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, or a combination. Defensive players also have NFL player props like interceptions and receptions.

Keep a Budget and Watch Your Bets: Being sensible and showing restraint can help you greatly with your NFL player props game. NFL player props can be exciting, but it’s wise to know when to walk or when to only put so much down on an uncertain bet. This will help you keep up in the long haul, and practice will eventually make perfect.

NFL Player Props with No House Advantage

Now that you know where to start, you can dip your toe into the world of NFL player props with No House Advantage. The No House Advantage app connects you to a global market of NFL player props for all games and all teams currently in the ranking. Available from the Apple App Store or on Google Play, you can get connected with the best NFL player props today with No House Advantage.