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Pandemic restrictions might have kept NBA fans from the stands over the past year, but it doesn’t mean they’re missing out on the action. Wherever they are, and whatever device they’re using, fans are getting into any game by wagering on everything from a player’s points per game to rebounds, assists, three pointers, steals, and more with NBA player props betting. And if that doesn’t get their competitive blood flowing fast enough, at No House Advantage we’re bringing these basketball fanatics together in one competitive platform. Every time they play, our users enter a contest format with the chance to win real money. In order to win that money, they scheme and compete to make the right NBA player prop picks to earn more points than their competitors.

We’re taking the gaming experience to whole new level in competitive NBA player props betting. Our platform has been created with a passion for the NBA, bringing the excitement of traditional prop betting along with the daily fantasy sports contest format, all with the fans in mind. It’s about the satisfaction of our users, rewarding payouts, and the best NBA player props experience out there. What makes our daily fantasy sports contest format so exhilarating? Well, it’s about convenience, competition, and of course, the rewards of winning.

Bringing the court to you.

While fans have had to stay home more than ever before, our priority is to bring the game to them. Right from the comfort of their homes, 24 hours a day, we are here to deliver them the best NBA player props betting experience. We offer everything our users need in one place so they can create the betting experience they want. It starts with choosing the contest they desire. If it’s a big public cash prize pool contest arena they want to head into, we’ve got it. Or maybe they’re looking to create their own smaller private contest with friends. That’s handled too. The biggest effort our users exert is to select their player props, which is also easy because everything they need is right within our app. We deliver all the types of player stats from players of different positions and over various statistical categories at the touch of their screens.

It’s a game of skill.

Our platform feeds the hunger for competition in so many ways. Each player can feel the exhilaration of NBA player props betting. Even better, our fantasy sports contest format brings that competitive spirit to a whole new level as players strategize to create the best bets to beat out our other users. It’s intense, the stakes are high, but there’s nothing to worry about here. As a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operator, our contests are considered a game of skill and our service is legal in all approved states for those over 18.

Be a winner.

We’ve created the ultimate in NBA player props by designing a program that’s rewarding and which brings exciting opportunities. Because player props look at each player individually, they bring handicapping challenges and get less attention from sportsbooks. These inefficient lines can offer advantageous betting scenarios as players hone their skills. But our daily fantasy basketball platform also gives them the chance to create their own advantages, playing to win real money against other users—not the traditional house that holds all the odds. Selecting their favorite NBA player props comes free of annoying salary cap restrictions or predetermined point values. And last, but certainly most important, players become winners in more ways than one. Besides the pride of artfully predicting the correct player props and earning more points than the other players to beat them out, winners earn money. And yes, we’re talking about the real thing.

It’s an experience NBA fans do not want to miss. It’s the most convenient, highly competitive, and rewarding way to get in the game tonight.