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Baseball season is exciting! Nothing beats getting out to the ball game and cheering on your team. Though it definitely gets a bit more exciting when you have a stake in the game yourself as well, and the satisfaction of sharing that victory with your bank account can be intoxicating.

But the full world of MLB betting is a bit more complex than just betting on which team is going to win today. There is a wide range of bet types and they each have their own payout structures. Most bettors learn quickly to adapt their strategies to the type of bet they’re making. Some of the most popular bet types are moneyline, over-under, and proposition (props) betting. Read on to learn more about fun with MLB props.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of MLB betting. Bet on the team you think will win; if they do, you get paid. Your payout won’t always be the same, it will depend on the odds. Longer odds will give you a better payout. Sometimes it can really pay off to bet on the underdog. That being said, this type of betting is narrower and not as much fun as MLB props.

Over-Under Betting

If you’ve heard anyone talk about sports betting before, you’ve likely heard the term “over-under.” In this type of bet, you’re not betting on the outcome of the game itself, you’re betting on the number of runs that will be scored during the game total. For example, if the bet line is five runs and the final score is 6-4 (totalling 10 runs) then the bettors who took the “over” win because the score is more than five. However, if the final score is 3-1, the bettors who took the “under” win as the total score is less than five. This gets us closer to MLB props, but still has less betting options.

Prop Betting

MLB props are the type of bet that is taking a chance on something other than the outcome of the game. With MLB props, you are betting on whether or not something will happen during the game. MLB props can be very lucrative and can be an important part of an overall betting strategy.

It takes no real skill to bet on something random like whether the outcome of the game will have an even or an odd score. These types of bets are fun, and because they’re random rather than skill-based anyone can have fun with the odds.

The outcome of the game might not be something you can control, but you can learn what to expect inside the game and place your bets using your own knowledge. For example, you can bet on which team will score first. You can take a look at each team’s starting batting order and use your knowledge of the players themselves to predict which team is likely to have the quickest start. MLB props let you have your own action inside the game, and you can use your strategy to come up the winner. Prop bets can also be longer term than just the one game; they can bet on a team’s batting average or home run totals over the course of an entire season, for example.

Whether you’re just looking to add a little financial flavor to America’s favorite pastime while you enjoy the game or if you’re trying to get yourself some consistent winnings to go along with your team’s season, MLB props have something for everyone. Click here for more details.