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Baseball season is over for 2020, but the 2021 season is upcoming! Luckily, the odds-makers are hard at work releasing and updating the numbers for next season already! Most sites are focusing on the World Series predictions for next year, but we know that, for many of us, that’s not the end of the betting game.

Proposition (or prop) wagers are a very specific wager that can add a lot of fun and excitement to your betting experience, like betting if a particular player will strike out three times over the game, or if the pitcher will hit a certain number of batters by the end of the fifth inning. There are an amazing variety of MLB props from season-long bets down to betting on whether a particular player will get a hit on his first at bat of the game, and they’ll often vary from site to site.

The most important thing about placing your MLB props bets is to do your research. Monitor player or team stats and performance between the current season and last season; keep an eye on player injuries or substitutions when you are placing your wagers. Here are some favorite bet types to keep your eye on next season.

Which player will get the most home runs all season?

This one is always popular. Home runs are exciting and can happen at any time. Stats from previous seasons are usually a great start as a source of research for this type of wager. Keep an eye on frequencies and types of injuries for your possible MLB Props picks.

What hitting rate will the Yankees get over the season?

It doesn’t have to be the Yankees, but this MLB Props is great because it involved the entire team (so maybe just pick your favourite for fun), not just one player. For this bet, I would highly recommend keeping a close eye on your team’s lineup heading into the season. Consider that this lineup can shift over the season and adjust your bet with that in mind. You may even want to examine the schedule and which teams your pick will be up against, along with the quality of their pitchers.

Will Bauer have a better-earned run average than Bieber?

These types of bets are fantastic because you can have some of your favourite players set to compete against each other all season. You can even expand it to teams instead of players as your MLB Props bet.

How many total runs will be scored by the end of the 3rd inning?

This is a short-term type of “money line” MLB Props bet. The odds-makers will give you a payout rate based on the bet itself and the teams in the matchup.

Which team will get the first run in a game?

This is a great example of an “over/under” MLB Props pick. In this case you bet whether there will be a total of x runs scored by a certain point in the game. If you think there will be more than that number, you’re betting on the over, and you’re betting on the under if you think there will be fewer than that number. It’s important to remember that this includes runs scored for both teams combined, and that the over and under often have different odds, depending on the bet.

Overall, you’re going to see many more specific bets out there. Taking your time to do the research and paying attention to the payout structures and the odds listed for the individual MLB props bets is going to be your best strategy for success.