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When it comes to betting, there are easy ways to bet and there are fun ways that allow you to build bets for big payoffs. The key to doing the latter is to understand the basics of bet builders and prop bets. For fans of football, NFL player prop bets made in bet builders is a great way to elevate the stakes of the game, and potentially make some money in the process. Today, we walk you through bet builders and prop bets, and we give you some tips on how to use both for fun and potential profit.

What are Prop Bets?

When we make bets on sports, they are often in two forms: fantasy football or straight bets on outcome. Who is going to win? Who will score the most? These types of questions are at the heart of regular bets in the sporting world. Prop bets are bets about things that are more specific. In the world of politics, it can be something like betting on the date of when the results will be fully tallied. In sports, it often comes in the form of player prop bets, and NFL player prop bets in particular.

What are Bet Builders?

Many of you already know what bet builders are, but for those who are curious, let’s go through them very quickly. Essentially, bet builders are exactly what they sound like: programs that let you build a series of bets. No House Advantage is one such place where you can use bet builders to make a series of NFL player prop bets. Here, you can bet on almost anything related to a player: how many yards they will run or pass, points they may score, and many, many other things. With the right bet builder, you can create a network of bets that group together different bets into something that can pay off big time.

How to Make the Most of Your NFL Player Prop Bets

Now that you are familiar with NFL player prop bets and bet builders, how do you take both of them and start making winning wagers? First, statistical analysis is key. Make sure you understand both big sets of data and the latest trends. Don’t know where to start? You can find plenty of podcasts that will help explain the latest data.

Next, you need to understand simple odds and probabilities when it comes to NFL player prop bets. This goes hand in hand with your statistical analysis, but it takes those stats and weights them in probable outcomes. This is where you can take your knowledge of stats and really start to have some fun. This is also where you can start making bets that play together, so if one will go in your favor then more will likely as well. From there, you can really start to play around with likely outcomes.

If you love football and want to take your excitement to the next level, then it’s time to check out No House Advantage. We are the premiere place for friendly and competitive NFL player prop bets. If you can think of it, No House Advantage can help you make a wager.