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Like many men my age, I grew up watching hockey on Saturday nights and football on Sunday and Monday nights. When my hometown teams hit the ice or the turf, I was ready to cheer them on loud and proud. As I got older, I watched my favorite players and wanted to be just like them, then I realized I did not have the skill or the athleticism to be a sports hero. I still wanted to be involved in the game, though, and now there is prop betting. This is a great way for everyone to be involved in the game, from the occasional watcher to a superfan who is willing to wear a block of cheese on their head to cheer their team on. Prop betting can be played anytime, from the occasional game to the main event.

What is prop betting?

This style of betting was popular overseas and has increased in North America following the last Super Bowl. Prop betting (short for proposition betting) differs from the old-style bookie betting. Prop betting is not betting against the house; it is betting against other users. This style of betting also differs in that the betting is not end-result-based and does not change, regardless of the outcome of the game. Although most sports betting is dependent on who wins, or by how much in the case of betting in over under, prop betting normally involves betting on the statistics of a particular player or circumstance.

When looking at common sports in North America prop betting can be the most effective way to bet and cheer on your favorite team or player.

When looking at the NHL (National Hockey League), there is a saying that any team can beat any other team on any given night, so when you are betting traditionally on whether a team will win or lose, there is a significant gamble based on injuries, fatigue, and road trips. When betting with the prop betting method, it involves the statistics of a particular player. For example, Connor McDavid is thought to be one of the best players in the NHL currently. When Prop betting, you could pick how many goals or assists Conner McDavid will score during the game. If your favorite player is a goalie, such Johnathan Quick, you would bet on a save percentage or perhaps a shutout. Regardless of the result of the game, your bets are only on these player statistics.

Where can you find prop betting opportunities?

Prop betting works in other sports, such as the NFL (National Football League), too. If your favorite player is a quarterback, like Aaron Rogers, the bet would involve how many completed passes, or on how many touchdowns he would throw in a game. If you’re betting on a receiver, such as Davante Adams, the bets would be on how many passes he receives, or the rushing yards and other measurable stats. Prop betting works with individual sports as well such as MMA and boxing.

Prop betting allows everyone to cheer on their favorite team or player. It will keep you interested in the game, and you may even win money or bragging rights. With all gambling, please gamble responsibly.