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When baseball season opens, so does betting season. Wagers are made in every game over who will win, the final score, or how wide the point spread is, which the highest winners in the pool prepare for by studying countless stats and staying glued to as many games as they can while keeping up on reports from TSN, ESPN, and print outlets. Despite their tradition, points, spread, and winners aren’t the only outcomes you can stake a bet on in Major League Baseball. Avid watchers often make side wagers on other parts of the game. These are called MLB props bets, and people will put them on anything with a probable outcome, from a coin toss at the beginning to how long the anthem will go, to how many runs a batter will bring in.

Ways to Bet on MLB Props

Single-Game Bet

Standard single-game bets are your vanilla bet-on-the-winner type of wager. Simply put, if your team wins, you win the bet, no matter if your team wins by ten runs or by one. But a popular form of MLB props bet is the run line, which is a riskier bet with a higher reward. Run line bets are paid out according to the win margin of the team you’ve bet upon, expressed in terms of an integer and a half. For example, if the run line of your bet is +1.5, your team will have to win by two or more runs to collect.


A parlay is a kind of compound bet. In most MLB props bets, a wager is made over a single aspect of the game. So, you may place a props bet on, say, how many home runs a team scores in a night, and the bet will pay based only on that statistic. A parlay is a way of bundling multiple MLB props bets together to stack the odds for a higher payout. Parlays only pay out, however, when all of the bets on the parlay are won. If you place three bets to a parlay and win only two, you won’t get a payout. But if all three win, you will get a much higher payout than if you made individual bets.

Over/Under Stats Props

Seasoned bettors will often prefer stats-based MLB props over single-game props bets because of the variety of possible bets and the addition of an element of strategy rather than pure gambling. Those with a keen working knowledge of current player stats have a terrific advantage with these MLB props wagers. For example, betting on a game where Paul Goldsmith’s batting average is .275 will have an over and an under set of odds compared to last year, and these odds depend on the likelihood that Goldsmith will have a better or worse year over last year for any number of reasons, such as injury.

Where to Make MLB Props Bets

Thanks to the rise in app-based betting, the pool for MLB props is bigger and better than ever. Join the daily pool of MLB props bets by downloading the No House Advantage app, now available from Google Play and the Apple App Store.