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With the fall football season finally under way, crowds of anxious fans pent-up from the coronavirus quarantines are eager to see their teams play again. And with the football season always comes the betting season. From daily fantasy football to parlay bets, Americans positively twitch for things to bet on. That’s where proposition betting plays a huge role. Proposition betting (or “prop betting”) involves making bets on elements of the game other than the score, the point spread, or the athletes’ performances. NFL prop bets can be made on anything from the length of the anthem (over or under a certain amount) to the outcome of the coin toss, and anything you can imagine in between, all against calculated odds.

NFL prop bets are made all over the place over just about anything, but there are a few favored ones for the 2020 season. Here they are:

Cam Newton vs. Tom Brady 2020

One of the most prominent NFL prop bets for 2020 pits two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time – Tom Brady and Cam Newton – against each other. Tom Brady is a legend in the world of football, having won six Super Bowls (setting a record) in his first twenty years while signed with the New England Patriots. For the 2020 season, Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while Newton was released by the Panthers due to injuries; he will be playing for the Patriots for the 2020 season.

Some of the popular NFL prop bets between Newton and Brady include:

- Newton to score more total Tds than Brady in the 2020 season  Odds: +250
- Patriots slated to win more games than the Buccaneers.        Odds: +125
- Buccaneers and Patriots to win more than 10.5 games each.     Odds: +125

Superbowl Halftime Performer

This is a popular spot for NFL prop bets ever since a fiasco with Janet Jackson helped coin the phrase “wardrobe malfunction.” Fans and bettors have been placing wagers and odds on many different aspects of performances, including mishaps. Some examples of NFL prop bets made during Lady Gaga’s halftime performances at Super Bowl 51 in 2017 were: what color would her hair be, would she show cleavage, and what song she would open with; it’s safe to say that, in the 2020 season, there will be much of the same.

Coin Toss

No matter the season, the coin toss always remains a perennial favorite among bettors. Unlike with most NFL prop bets, where odds can be weighed according to stats and previous experience, coin tosses are one of the few elements of the game that is pure chance, and the mystery makes it exciting.

Best NFL Prop Bets App

Making NFL prop bets is a snap nowadays, with simple apps like No House Advantage bringing all the popular NFL prop bets and odds to one place with the touch of your finger.